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  • March 2, 2017

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The suspense surrounding the invasion in “Monster Town” reaches unknowing curious minds leading some rogue friends to bet on a journey through the god forsaken place. The journey, meant to be harmless mischief turns out to be their worst nightmare as the “Monster Town” lives up to their expectations. Trapped, in this hell hole, they run place to place to find safety. The monsters hate it when someone is intruding on their territory. Will they survive their wrath in this terrifying journey? It’s UNPREDICTABLE!!!
Survive through this breathtaking adventurous journey through the unpredictable levels.
There is no way out once you are trapped in this …The only way to survive is to kill those deadly monsters.
Don’t miss a second; if you miss any of them …it will be your end…
Be feared. Be scared. Be terrified. Play UNPREDICTABLE!!!
Amazing gameplay and adventure… One of best 2D survival games by us.
Use different combinations of keys to kill these deadly monsters.
The best blend of arcade, survival and adventure game.
Free Game. You can also share your score with friends on Facebook.

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Developer: EnixTech
Price: Free